The Perfect Liquid Lipstick

Apples Of The Cheeks has found the best liquid lipstick!



Liquid lipsticks have been very popular recently with not only beauty experts online but with celebrities too. They have been on the beauty market for a long time, but only recently has there been a buzz around it, with many makeup brands creating new and improved formulas for their existing liquid lipsticks.

The buzz has also been created due to the likes of Kylie Jenner, Jeffree Star and Kat Von D releasing their own successful lipstick brands.


Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in Posie K (Source:

However for someone who suffers from dry lips, venturing into liquid lipsticks can be a huge fail. I myself suffer from dry lips, so when I first tried a liquid lipstick it didn’t end well. I opted for a drug store brand because I had a feeling that liquid lipsticks wouldn’t be for me. I tried the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer. I found it very drying on the lips and it didn’t do me any favours when trying to get the perfect lips.

Recently when I attend the Beautycon London festival I came across the brand Lime Crime. I hadn’t heard of this makeup brand before and was intrigued to try one of their Matte velvetiness liquid lipsticks which on the website are described as ‘the original liquid matte lipstick inspired by rose petals.’  I went for a neutral colour as I was wary that if I got a darker colour it would be more noticeable if it started cracking or flaking because of my dry lips. The colour I chose was Cindy, which is described as terracotta brown. I got this for £12 as it was from the Beauty con Festival.


Lime Crime’s Matte veletiness liquid lipstick in Cindy (Source:

I was pleasantly surprised with the formula; it isn’t drying on the lips, is very long lasting and dries to a complete matte finish. Because of my love for this liquid lipstick, I decided to try it in another colour. This time I went for a darker colour, Jinx which is described as being an eggplant colour. I instantly feel in love with the colour when it arrived in the post. Lime Crime isn’t available in UK stores so I purchased it from Beauty Bay, which is a UK website with many American brands available for purchase, this cost £15.


Lime Crime’s Matte veletiness liquid lipstick in Jinx (Source:

It is not just me who thinks these liquid lipsticks are amazing the reviews online are very positive. This liquid lipstick has really got me interested in the liquid lipstick trend and I am currently on the hunt for other brand’s liquid lipstick with a formula that is just as good as the Lime Crime ones!


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