Review: The Burgundy Palette

Originally posted on the Voice of London website.

Kylie Jenner recently released her new ‘Kyshadowpalette, The BurgundyPalette, and we managed to get our hands on it before it sold out. Here is what we think of it. 


Packaging of the Kyshadow, The Burgundy Palette .


The eye shadow palette comes in a white box with a rose gold rim. It also comes with a note from Kylie her self on a holographic card.

The lid to the palette is decorated with Kylie’s eyes, with teardrops in the colours of the different eye shadows. The palette has a magnetic closing.

Disappointingly, in the inside of the palette there is no mirror. However she mentioned that her new eye shadow palletes will contain a mirror, which is good news!


The tears are in the colours of the eye shadows.


The palette contains nine on-trend colours, perfect for the autumn/ winter season. Some are matte and the others have shimmer to it.

The shades include warm browns, some orange shades and obviously burgundy colours.

The eye shadows have interesting names: Naked, Beach, Penny, LA, Burgundy, Dubai, Brick, New York and Almond.


The Burgundy Palette, colours from left to right: Naked, Beach, Penny, LA, Burgundy, Dubai, Brick, New York and Almond.


Swatches of eye shadows without primer. Colours vary depending on skin tone.


The brilliant thing about these eye shadows are that they are super blendable. Some of the shadows are more pigmented than others.

The shimmer ones are more creamier and therefore more pigmented compared to the matte ones which are less pigmented.

They provide medium coverage but are buildable. The eye shadow feels very soft and velvet like, which is great.

When applying the eye shadows there wasn’t any fallout. But the shadows do have a bit of fallout in the pan, which can be prevented by the way you dip your brush into the shadows.


Nine eye shadows ranging from warm brown shades, orange shades and burgundy shades.


The palette is priced at $42  which is about £33.83. Delivery costs to outside of America sets you back another £12.04 ($14.95).

Also a custom charge is added which costs another £14.48. That’s a grand total of £60.35!  

Is it worth it?

The palette itself is beautiful, the colours are amazing. The shimmer colours especially are great. However it might not be the best value for money. Getting it from America to the UK is costly! 


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